Ogni organic milk powder getting into one of the largest supermarket in China
Date: 10 July 2014

Recently, New Zealand Organic Milk Ltd has achieved a new milestone. Ogni as one of the top New Zealand organic milk powder brands, has been successfully launched and entered the boutique stores of China Resources Vanguard Co Ltd. CR Vanguard is one of the largest franchise supermarkets in China. Till today, Ogni has been sold in a number of boutique shops in various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and more. New Zealand Organic Milk Ltd (NZOM) has also become the only organic milk powder manufacturer in New Zealand to establish this achievement.


Organic foods are produced the way nature intended and without the use of antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. With Chinese consumers becoming more aware of the importance of food safety and are more familiar with the nature and benefits of organic products, organic foods are becoming a fashion in China. However, the Chinese government are starting to tighten the requirements on importing organic foods. There is a very strict set of rules for overseas dairy products getting into Australia and China. Every batch of dairy products has to be randomly inspected.

The representative of NZOM highlighted that one of the main reason which contributed to Ogni’s success is the experience the company has for pharmaceutical products. NZOM as subsidiary of GMP Pharmaceuticals Group has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceuticals industry and has a well developed quality control system. Also, NZOM is the only New Zealand dairy manufacturer who has achieved the GMP certificate. These reasons answer the question of why Ogni is able to entre mainstream supermarkets in China under such rigid regulations.

Over years of research, NZOM has developed unique formulations of Ogni nutritional organic milk powders for pregnant women, the mid-aged, children, students, ladies as well as lactating women etc. The variety and high quality of these products enables Ogni to become one of the most reputable organic milk powder brands in the market. This has also attracted NZTE to assist the company to promote and further develop this brand in the global market.