Utilising certified organic ingredients, we are able to offer a range of organic milk powder products of various formulations. The organic milk is sourced from certified organic farms, which are free from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, based on sustainable farming methods. We only use organic production methods to ensure that no harmful chemicals or genetically modified materials are added.

Currently, GMP Dairy is the only Chinese certified manufacturer of formulated organic milk powder. We are also the largest manufacturer of formulated milk powder products in New Zealand, holding organic certification from Biogro New Zealand, AsureQuality New Zealand, the European Union and the US.

  • Cowala Organic for Student

    Nutritional Formulated Milk Powder

    DHA and ARA
    Calcium and Zinc
    Multi-vitamins and minerals

  • Cowala Organic for Children

    DHA : ARA = 2 : 1
    FOS : polyfructose =2 : 1
    Iron and Vitamin C
    High in Protein

  • Cowala Organic for Advanced Population

    Nutritional Formulated Milk Powder

    High in Protein
    Rich in Calcium
    Low fat
    Rich in multi-vitamins
    Dietary fiber
    Fish oil: DHA and EPA

  • Cowala Organic for 3 years and above

    Whole Milk Powder

    High in Calcium
    Rich in protein

  • Cowala Organic for 3 years and above

    Skim Milk Powder

    Low in fat
    High in Calcium