At GMP Dairy Ltd, we always pride ourselves in efficient product development and manufacturing. This is not only due to our state of the art factory, equipment and operators but also our expert Research & Development team. From Australia and New Zealand, most members hold a PhD or Master degree in health medicine, pharmacy and biochemistry. In addition, we have systems in place such as the Quality Assurance and Quality Control programme which collects product feedback information along with an onsite laboratory facility. We also have an experienced and professional product testing team who produce product quality reports for quality control.


GMP Dairy’s product development is firmly based on market research and demands. We believe that it is not only about following market segments and cultural trends, but also about analysing the current market in order to anticipate trends and develop it to capitalise on future potential. With strong development and production capabilities and a deep understanding of market trends and customer requirements, GMP is able to launch a variety of formulations, packaging types, product ranges tailored to suit all sorts of needs.