Our factory has been designed and built to meet strict hygiene standards, from the three step G4, F7, H13 air filtration system to the epoxy resin floors; from the 304 stainless steel to the lubricants used in all machinery; food safety is a very important consideration and has been incorporated into everything.

Our Quality Assurance Management Programme assures that all raw materials and packaging inputs have been rigorously tested, that we source premium ingredients and wherever possible that these ingredients are from “clean green New Zealand”. Our programme also assures that all processes are producing the desired result and that all procedures are being adhered to. The system is designed to trace and control product at all stages of manufacture.

We also have a standard operating procedure system (SOPs) for every aspect of the production process from the beginning with raw material storage, through every step of production at the plants, including packaging and up to the delivery of the final product. These SOPs have been developed to ensure that every step of the production meets approved standards and therefore provides GMP customers with premium quality products and exemplary service.

As with all businesses, when we do not have the in-house expertise, we make use of certified contractors, experts in their own fields, for services such as pest control, air handling, chemical and microbiological testing, and equipment calibration.

We are proud of our quality system but are not complacent and conduct formal reviews of our processes and procedures on a regular basis, ensuring that the product you receive is the best that it can be and will match the quality of any of the very best infant formula manufactures anywhere in the world.

Authenticity and Product Authenticity Management

We utlise an internal code based traceability system for all raw materials in order to reliably and accurately trace the raw materials and suppliers for all components of the finished dairy product. In addition, out anti-counterfeiting system developed by our subsidiary Beijing AUNEW in 2008 is used to guard against counterfeiting.