Patent granted for GMP’s Consumer Friendly Traceability System
Date: 10 February 2014

GMP Dairy’s System For Providing Product Quality Information And Traceability To Customers Including X-Ray Images Of Can Packed Food Products has been patented by Australian Government on 7th February 2014.

This sophisticated inspection system records a digital image and a physical image of each individual unit, and generates a unique QR code for each product. This QR code is accessible by customers on their mobile applications and can be scanned before purchase. The digital image allows customers to see the internal composition of the product and to make sure there are no metal compounds in the product. In addition, consumers can see various important information about the product and supply chain. The physical image of the unit with the QR code helps customers identify fake products. Through this technology, the company is also able to track what regions that products are selling in and also allows the company to send instant product recall or warning messages to consumers if the need arises.

This system has been well applied to GMP Dairy daily production and enables customers to purchase sage, reliable and authentic products.