GMP builds bridge for Chinese international students & local businesses
Date: 06 March 2015

At GMP, we pride our success for giving back to the community. We believe we’ve got a responsibility to give back to the wide communities, therefore we have being supporting and sponsoring educational and not for profit associations to help a wide range of people and communities.
A Lantern Festival party was held by Auckland Students & Scholars Association at GMP premises on the 6th March 2015. The main purpose of the event was to build a bridge for exchange students and New Zealand’s local outstanding enterprises. We also took the opportunity to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival.


Auckland Students & Scholars Association was established in 2010 by the China Scholarship Council. They are a group of elites in China who are studying or have studied in China’s top Universities. They are funded by the China Scholarship Council to come to New Zealand to study PHD & research. Their major varies from science, food nutrition, technology and so on. The Chinese government is very supportive to them and the Association now has 165 people in total.

With the attendance of Mr Fang (The Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Auckland), PHD students from Auckland & AUT universities and some local enterprises, the event has been very successful.


During the event, Mr Fang highly commented on GMP on its rapid growth and development over the short period of time. He was incredibly proud of GMP’s contribution towards China & New Zealand’s economy by creating jobs for migrates and expending the export industry. He said that GMP is a role model for Chinese Enterprises in New Zealand and played an extremely important role within the Chinese community.
He was also thankful that as a well established Chinese enterprise in NZ, GMP is still actively enhancing cross-cultural communication and sharing knowledge for Chinese Students in New Zealand.
“A good business, not only relies on its operation, income and brand value to be successful, what is more important is to take responsibility and contribution to society. GMP has demonstrated good practice and leadership for other Chinese/New Zealand enterprises”.

The evening was filled with laughter and joy. GMP staff & the students also had an enjoyable “Dumpling Making competition”. Our Deputy General Manager Ravinesh Kumaran also experienced his first ever dumpling making. Trust the event was meaningful and memorable for all parties involved.

GMP has been supporting the educational communities for the past few years. We have also sponsored Students Association for Culture Exploration in 2014. We worked alongside the Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Auckland to enhance cross-cultural communication and to share knowledge for Chinese students in New Zealand. The Maori and Kiwi culture exploration gives international students more chance to interact with the local communities and helps enrich their life experience overseas.