GMP Dairy manufactures a wide range of New Zealand derived whey dominant infant formula for balanced development of the baby’s bones, brain and eyes. Utilising strict pharmaceutical standards, the infant formula are especially formulated to meet international standards using the finest quality ingredients. Recently, the enforcement of stringent pharmaceutical production practices has allowed GMP Dairy to become the first New Zealand infant formula manufacturer to become registered by Chinese authorities for exportation into China.

  • Cowala Organic Nutritional Formulated

    Milk Powder For Student

    Cowala Infant Formula Stage 1 is an unique formulation, specially designed by Australian and New Zealand scientists as per strict Australian New Zealand standards to meet the needs of bottle fed infants. This product is processed and packed in New Zealand by HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices "GMP" certified factory.

  • Cowala Infant Formula Stage 2

    Cowala Follow-on Formula is specially designed for babies over 6 months old by Australian and New Zealand scientists as per strict Australian New Zealand strict standards to supplyment the increasing requirements of growing infants and the changing dietary needs of babies as solids are introduced.

  • Cowala Infant Formula Stage 3

    Suitable for 1-3 year old children

    Cowala Toddler nutritional powder is developed for young children to supplement the dietary need of toddlers when their energy and nutritional intake may not be adequate. This product contains vitamins and minerals which nutritionally support toddler's immune and digestive system.